I left my heart in Hyrule.

Ginger gamer with an irrational love of food trucks and a completely rational love of bacon. Senior Editor, The Escapist Magazine.
Hockey > Football > Baseball.
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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, you seem like a cool person. I have been involved within men’s issues for the past few years. Gamergate is important to me because I hate how male gamers are being portrayed as losers by the gaming industry and that the gamergate members that get harassed don’t get any news stories about it.

    Wanna email me sometime to chat? I’d like to talk about #gg with you.


    • To add: I used to be a Tumblr member but I would get insults thrown at me by the feminists there everytime I would try to talk about my weird hobbies. I switched to Reddit and never looked back.


  2. Liz, I used to be prejudiced against gingers, until you proved they can have souls.

    I want to be on an interview kick, so I’ll just float it that I’d be interested in interviewing you. I feel like the classic print interview is a great format to evoke perspectives and have conversations that might not have germinated if a person weren’t “put to the question.” It also just feels like something that would be good in a lot of angles. For one thing, sockpuppets can’t answer questions, right?

    Either way, if you have the time or interest or not, I’m still really happy for you that you’re doing a blog. Every printed word contributes to the public record and is a brick in the future history of the events that defined our generation. Everything we don’t say about it will be ascribed to us later, beyond our control.

    Thanks for participating in our culture,

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      • Just found your blog and so far it’s pretty awesome! I read your about page and you seem absolutely awesome. I hate the water temple too.. but not nearly as much as the water level in Majora’s Mask. I ran out of time in there and had to start alllllll over.
        Would love it if you would shoot me an email sometime.
        Take care & God bless!


  3. Liz, I’m sorry that you don’t feel it is safe to be on social media any more. Although I disagreed with your GG stance, no one should be chased off a public forum in order to protect their friends and family. I hope you will return one day, when this feuding calms down. You were a voice of reason among a lot of anger and hate and I appreciated your interview and hearing your point of view. Peace.


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